Oregon Korean Performing Arts, as a Nonprofit Organization;
Commits to performing and educating the beauty of Korean culture to the community of Korean-Americans in Oregon,
and participates and exchanges our cultural heritage to the rest of mainstream-American society as Korean cultural ambassadors.
Seung Hee Ji – President of OKPA


Seung Hee Ji
President and Founder of OKPA

  • Hanyang University / Major in Traditional Dance
  • Former Member of Culture Delegation of Korea Tourism Organization
  • Former Teacher of Gwacheon Middle and High School
  • Former Vice President of Gwacheon City Municipal Dance Troupe
  • Board Member of Korean Society of Oregon
  • Advisory Committee member of Peaceful Unification Policy Consultation
  • President of Oregon Korean Performing Arts

Oregon Korean Performing Arts

President : Seung Hee Ji
Assistant Instructor : Mi Sook Lim, Hwa Yung Park
Korean Folk Song Instructor : Chan Woong Ji


Chairperson       : Eun Jung Han
Board Member  : Jong Ho Oh, Seong Wook Lim, Jeong Gi Hong, Soon Ae Kim, Kyung Hee Kim, Eung Jung Bae, Mi Yung Choi, Bok Yung Kim, Yung Sook Park, Jin Kim
Advisor               : Jeong Hee Choi, Seon Hee Jeon
Treasurer           : Myung Soon Jeong

History of Oregon Korean Performing Arts

2008              Performing events in the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Oregon
2009~2014   Korean War Memorial Day ( Wilsonvill)
2009~2010   The 3rd Oregon state Korean-American Day (Salem)
2010               Beaverton City Fair Parade (Washington County)
2011               The 1st Annual Concert (Lincoln hall)
2011~2013    Beaverton International Celebration
2012~2014   Rose Festival Parade
2012               Special Performing for U.S. Fish&Wildlife Service
2008~2014  Performing events – Oregon Korean Foundation, Asian Health and Service Center, Korean Grocery Association of Oregon, Korean Society of Vancouver WA
2010 ~2013  Korean Night (PSU,OSU,UO,PCC)
2013              World Beat Festival (Salem)
2013              The 2nd Annual Concert – “The Beauty of Korea” (Jesuit High School Theatre)
2013              Performance in the annual events of Oriental Art Society (OAS)
2013~2014   Encouragement Performance in Oregon Prison
2013              Performance in the event of the International Korean Day in Seattle WA
2014              The 3rd Annual Concert – “Korean Drum& Dace” (Jesuit high School theater )

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