Oregon Korean Performing Arts
is a non-profit organization committed to spreading and developing the Korean performing arts in this culturally diverse American society through local performances and lessons.
Starting the initial performance in August 2007 at the Business Expo of KCCI, OKPA has taken the role of honorary ambassador of Korean culture;

  • Displaying traditional Korean dresses,
  • Performing beautiful Korean dancing steps
  • Dynamic traditional drum dances
  • Korean traditional percussion quartet, etc.

OKPA has been a traditional and cultural bridge for Korean-Americans and their homeland, helping them build awareness and ownership for Korean culture.

Seung Hee Ji
President of OKPA

Performs the beauty of Korean culture through various concerts and special events.
Opens free lessons for the community to learn Korean traditional dancing and musical instruments, and initiates the basics of Korean culture.
Visits elementary and middle level American schools to present the basics of Korean traditions and arts, and helps them understand the Korean culture amongst Americans, adopted Korean, and the 2nd generation of Korean immigrants.
Participates in local cultural events such as Rose Festival in June, Beaverton Festival in July, Summer International Festival, Prison ministry, etc. for the purpose of cultural exchange.
Performs traditional shows during the events of national memorial days; Independence Movement Day, National Liberation Day, Memorial Day of Korean War, etc. Acknowledges the pride of Korean culture to the audience.
Encourages and strengthens Korean unity for local Korean residents through street parades and open concerts on Korean Thanksgiving Day.

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